Manasa Jyothi is a founded residential school for children with a mental and/or physical handicap. Manasa Jyothi Trust is happy to inform that we just opened a new school in Koni, Kundapur. The school is located in a beautiful area where there is a lot of green area and a playground for the children to play. Manasa Jyothi is a small school that has grown over the last ten years, and we now have around 20 children. 



About Manasa Jyothi

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Why Manasa Jyothi

Manasa Jyothi believes that children learn best when they feel safe, happy and valued. We aim to build each child's self-esteem. If children value themselves they can more readily develop positive qualities, such as independence, honesty, integrity and real respect for others.



The foundation has just moved to a new location, where there is enough space for 25 disabled children. At the moment there are 16 children, but this can change any day, as more people learn from the existence, more disabled children are applying. The new place is very green, has a beautiful garden where the kids can play and there will be a vegetable garden, so they can produce their own vegetables.



Manasa Jyothi